Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Week at the Copemans

So a recap of a week at the Copeman house:
Thursday: Anna has ear infection start antibiotics. Emilie comes home from school bc she puked.
Friday night: JT puking
Sat very early morning: Me (puking, diarrhea and passing out)
Sat morning: Me aching all over
Sat afternoon: Becca and Anna with fever. Becca with diahhrea.
Sunday: Jay sick with same as me!
Monday:Jay still sick
Tuesday:Ditto Monday
Wed: Anna wakes up with hives and rash all over entire body, take to doctor. Diagnosis (hand,foot and mouth)
Wed night:give anna antibiotics rash worsens, call nurse and says that it is allergic reaction.
Thursday: Becca says ear hurts, take her with to appointment with a different doctor that anna is seeing.
Thursday afternoon: Anna allergic to antibiotic for original ear infection, now has a double ear infection. Rebecca has ear infection.
Thursday night: Both girls start new antibiotics and anna starts benedryl. ANNA DOES NOT HAVE HAND, FOOT, AND MOUTH.
Friday...I am getting checked into generose!


  1. You poor thing. What a week! I love the new look for your blog, too. You'll have to tell me how you did it. :)

  2. yeah I love it too but it took me forever to finally figure out how! LOL